Property: 2692 SE 145th St, Summerfield, FL 34491

Total Balance with Interest: $22,000
Monthly Payment: $916.66
Last Payment Received: $916.66
Due Date: 8/15/19 (Last Made on 7/1/19)
Current Balance: $17,414.94 (Was $18,331.60)

Payment History:

$1,834 Wire Paid 4/11/19 (Paid via Bank Wire from Eagle Biz) For April  / May
$1.08 on 4/16 via online banking of Centennial
$916.66 Payment made to BofA in Person on 6/10/19 For June
$916.66 Payment made to BofA in Person on 7/1/19 For July
$916.66 Payment made to Regions in Person on 8/7/19 For August

Jenean’s email on 7/1/19 to info at CLI advised us to start
Paying her Regions Bank Account.