Real estate taxes need to be paid timely while financing. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to contact all taxing authorities.
Failure to do so could result in a total loss of amounts paid.


Property #1: Route 44, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569
(In process of recording title)

Total Price: $2,520.00
Monthly Payment: $170.00
CC Fees: $173.40 should entered on payment site
Last Payment Received: 07/18/2018
* Balance: $0.00

Payment Site:


Property #2: Up Shawnee Ave, Easton, PA 18042
Total Price: $1,859.00
Monthly Payment: $155.00
Last Payment Received: 05-03-2018
* Balance: $889.00
Payment Site:
* Balance amounts are estimated and will be confirmed upon payoff for accuracy.